A Brief History of the Development Funding Process

In Spring 2002 we established the Development Funding process and introduced a new Expression of Interest, to allow applicants to put forward their ideas. This document was used to assess the 'fit' of prospective projects with the LSCs remit and local priorities. Applicants with projects having the potential to contribute to these local priorities were invited to submit a full proposal, subjected to a further, more detailed appraisal.

In 2002 the local Council also became an ESF Co-Financing Organisation, and secured additional 3.1 million European Social Funds.  Our intention was to adopt the single Development Funding process as the means of access to ESF for local projects; however, over time it has become apparent that we will have to implement further measures in order to meet with the additional requirements associated with European Social Funds. This resulted in the 'batching' of full proposals from September 2002 onwards, and the subsequent introduction of strict deadlines for the submission of proposals.


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